Frequently asked questions

Is my unit secure?

Our secure self storage facility is within a unit forming part of a business park covered by CCTV and with a single access/exit. It is within an area that sits behind a secure compound where lock entry is required in order to gain access. The compound area and self storage facility are accessed by a secure key. This key cannot be copied/cut without the unique authorisation card, which the manufacturer has supplied to us. In addition, your self storage unit is secured by a coded padlock to which only you hold the access code.

The self storage facility is installed with the latest fire and alarm technology, as well as CCTV throughout the building including the exterior (and the business park as a whole). To the rear of the unit is where plastic bank notes are manufactured so as you can imagine, security doesn’t come much higher than that!

How much does self storage cost?

We deliver maximum value for money meaning our self storage units are available for as little as £450 per year… that’s less than £9 per week! No VAT is charged and insurance is covered by a simple notification to your home or business insurance (often with little to no additional charge from your insurer).

25sq.ft is £37.50 per month

50sq.ft is £75 per month

75sq.ft is £112.50 per month

100 sq.ft is £150 per month

Am I tied into a long-term agreement?

Absolutely not! Our minimum term is one month but if you do want to secure your space for a longer period, we can accommodate whatever you require.

We also ask that 7 days' notice is given when you have decided you no longer need your storage unit. After the minimum term of one month, you will be charged on a day by day pro rata basis until the day you vacate

Will my items get damp/damaged in storage?

The key to ensuring your goods remain within their existing condition is to ensure the humidity in the air is maintained at optimum levels within the secure self storage unit. If there is too much water in the air, your goods could be at risk of being affected by damp. The humidity within our facility is checked daily meaning that the optimum level of moisture within the air is maintained at all times of year.

Are my items insured while in storage?

The building is insured by us. However, the easiest and safest way to insure your property is to simply notify your home or business insurer that you have items stored within a reputable facility. Most insurers will charge little or no additional premium for insuring your goods. This also means that you have peace of mind your items are insured for their full value (and that the value is totally confidential to you).

Do I have to give you notice when I want to enter the facility and have access to my room(s)?

Absolutely not. Our facility is open for you to use 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Come and go as you please.

How is payment made?

Payment is via bank standing order, monthly in advance. We require a deposit equivalent to the same amount. The deposit will be refunded immediately when you exit the facility and an inspection confirms that the unit has been cleared and not damaged.

I need more than 100sq. ft of space, can you accommodate that?

Yes we can. The self storage units are made up of 4 different sizes from 25 sq.ft up to 100 sq. ft and you can have use of as many as you need. We find this works perfectly for small businesses because they can expand the space needed as they grow. This allows businesses to increase their storage area at their own pace as opposed to committing to long term arrangements for excess space they don’t need at the outset.

If I need boxes, racking or assistance with a forklift or van hire, can you help?

We are a family business who do everything we can to look after our customers. As such, we can arrange for boxes to be provided and racking for you to setup within the unit. We will only charge cost price for these items. Trolleys are available within the facility to assist you with moving things to and from your vehicle parked outside. In the event that you have heavy goods and need specialist equipment to move this into your unit(s), we can arrange this in advance in return for a small fee.

If you have any specific questions not covered above, please feel free to send us an email or give us a call.