Preventative Measures

In accordance with the official guidance issued by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government, Cumbria Storage Solutions remains OPEN.

The disruption caused to all aspects of life as a result of the COVID-19 virus means that access to self-storage facilities across Cumbria is proving to be essential for some people. Here are some examples of recent enquiries that we have received:

  • People whose house sales/purchases have either fallen through or been postponed. Due to a variety of circumstances, our customers have found themselves in limbo and in need of self-storage space urgently;
  • Businesses who have been forced to temporarily cease trading leaving them with excess stock beyond their current capacity;
  • Charities whose day to day operations have been restricted meaning their current work space is no longer sufficient for their purposes;
  • People who are working from home and have needed to create more space within their homes/garages in order to facilitate this.

We are committed to supporting our customers during these unprecedented times whilst recognising that preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus is critical to the preservation of public health. The ability for Cumbria Storage Solutions (located in Wigton, Cumbria) to operate virtually with no requirement for face to face meetings with those who are using our storage facility or who are enquiring about doing so means that we are able to adhere to this commitment.

As a self-storage business located in Wigton and serving customers across Cumbria (such as Carlisle, Dalston, Thursby, Kirkbride, Maryport, Aspatria, Workington, Cockermouth and Keswick), we have taken the following measures:

  • All customers must use protective gloves provided on site throughout the duration of time that they are using the storage units until they have exited the facility;
  • The protective gloves worn are to be disposed of within the designated bin located outside the entrance/exit to the building;
  • Whilst attending the storage facility, all customers must remain at least two meters in distance away from others who may be present at the premises;
  • CCTV is in operation throughout the facility in order to ensure our customers comply with these reasonable requirements.

We continue to ensure that the facility in Wigton is clean at all times and as an added measure, all areas that are accessed by customers are wiped down with anti-bacterial products on a regular basis. For example, the storage building door handles and communal trolley handles.

The above measures mean that customers can utilise our self-storage units which are accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week in order to meet their essential/urgent storage needs during these extremely difficult times.

If we can help you with any of your self-storage requirements, please give us a call on 07340 491 953 or send an email to