Seasonal storage needed?

Cumbria Storage Solutions have the solution!

With the clocks changing and autumn now fully set in here in Cumbria, we are receiving an increased number of enquiries from those who need to store away their summer goods.

Items that our customers are keen to move out of their homes and into a secure off site storage facility include:

  • Gardening equipment including lawn mowers and strimmers
  • Sporting goods such as bicycles and kayaks
  • Paddling pools and garden swings/slides
  • Garden furniture such as outdoor tables and chairs
  • Motorbikes and scooters
  • Diving and water sports equipment
  • Caravan accessories and equipment
  • Tents and camping gear
  • Barbecues and patio heaters

Cumbria Storage Unit 7

As well as freeing up extra storage space at home, people also enjoy the peace of mind that their items are stored within a safe and humidity-monitored facility.

With flexible short-term arrangements available, our customers can retrieve their goods as and when they please due to our twenty four hour access, so if there is a sudden improvement in the Cumbrian weather, the paddling pool can be back in the garden in no time at all!

By contrast, some of our clients have already started to remove some items stored over the summer months such as their much-loved Christmas decorations. Rather than having these stored in attic space with limited protection from changing temperatures and dust, these goods are ready to be on display this winter in the same condition as when they were moved into our self-storage facility.

If we can help you with any of your seasonal storage needs, please give us a call on 07340 491 953 or send an email to

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